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Copywriter | Columnist | Author | Storyteller
New York - Los Angeles - Zurich

Michelin-Starred chef and caterer to the Federal Palace of Switzerland. Newspaper owner. Celebrated New York event creator. Television writer. New York correspondent with three book deals. Public speaker. Brand Ambassador for a condom company. My career has been quite a ride thus far, allowing me to explore a variety of industries, and create a unique path that I never could have imagined. Throughout my journey, I've developed a powerful narrative, and am passionate about sharing the lessons I've learned along the way from my successes and, more importantly, from the times I've failed miserably. 
  • Writer with 25+years experience in copywriting, corporate writing, television, marketing, PR and journalism. 
  • Creator of impactful stories, with the ability to create content and communicate effectively in English, French and German.
  • Guest on E! News, Fox 5, and Food Network. Featured in Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Time Out New York, NY Post and many more.
  • Student of communications, culinary arts and sociology. 
By Juerg Fed Federer 09 Oct, 2017
I suffered the loss of my father at the age of 6. And I had my heart broken at the age of 42. I believe there’s a straight line to be drawn from the loss I experienced as a little boy and the heartbreak and insights that turned me into a man. READ MORE
By Juerg Fed Federer 15 Aug, 2017
Recently my pal and I sat down over cocktails at Jones  in Hollywood, when he looked at me with blood-shot eyes and a twinge of jealousy, saying: “Dude, your brain is some kind of a fluffy pulp where models like to hang out.” I replied with a declaration of love for the women I don’t date: READ MORE
By Juerg Fed Federer 21 Jul, 2017
A smart woman once told me on our first date in Los Angeles: “When men play it smart, they get laid.” How right she was. Read More
By Juerg Fed Federer 22 Jun, 2017
Even though online dating seems as convenient as a TV dinner, it should have more nutritional value than a Hot Pocket. Here’s a guide to creating a three-course meal out of the online dating adventure.
Read more
By Juerg Fed Federer 01 Jun, 2017

Twenty five years later I can still feel the pride rushing through my veins. The emotions are as fresh as wet paint: Sitting in a car owned outright for the first time is one of the moments a man will never forget. And so is the smell of that car. The scent of the sand colored leather seats of my 1991 Saab 9000 is forever engraved in my memory. READ MORE

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